We will conduct an assessment and develop short- and long-term benefit strategies based on your financial goals and reporting.



We review current plans and objectives and develop short- and long-term benefit strategies (1 – 3 years).


We provide reporting semianually, quarterly, or monthly based on the client’s needs. Through reporting, you can observe which prescription drugs matter most to your employee population and how much employees are spending on them. You can also view claims spending, as well as the utilization of telemedicine and other health habits among employees.

This information can help determine some benefits and vendor decisions, as well as how best to educate your employees in order to prevent high-cost claims and unwanted health outcomes.


One way in which we seek to create a better client experience is by working to obtain benefits of the same quality and coverage or better at a lower cost to our clients. We implement alternative plan designs, compare the plans and costs of a variety of carriers, and can even connect you with TPAs whose services can reduce group benefits spending.

The challenge of providing excellent benefits on a budget is an opportunity for creativity on our part, to accomplish all of your objectives while meeting your needs. Some tactics for doing so might be:

  • Level funding (partial self-funding)
  • Full self-funding
  • Stop-loss insurance
  • Administrative fees
  • PBM contracts
  • Cost of care at competing institutions

Whether a client is level-funded, self-funded, or fully insured, we make sure they’re getting the best value for their benefits spend.

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