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About Grace&Porta

Grace & Porta Benefits is ready to help you, the employer, meet your goals through listening and forming creative solutions.

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Grace & Porta Benefits started in 1979 with two men renting an office space, whose coffee bill competed with their monthly rent. Dave Porta, Sr., and Edward Grace, Sr., didn’t have a detailed business plan at first, but they did have two goals: To have fun every day and to put the client first.

In 2005, ownership of the business officially transitioned to Dave’s four sons. The business has grown from two friends, to a family business, to more than a family business, and from primarily life insurance to full-service benefit consulting.

Our above-mentioned goals – and the belief in easy access to constant caffeine– govern the business today.

Mission Statement

To provide solutions that meet the needs of your business, as well as ongoing tools, education, and resources.

Vision Statement

To spread happiness and well-being to every individual and organization we serve by delivering great results and fantastic service.